Executive Summary

Cancer therapy using cytotoxic drugs or radiation has negative side effects on normal cells. To date, the pharmaceutical industry has not been able to produce a drug that can provide the dual functions of protecting normal cells while sensitizing tumor cells to cancer therapy. With consultation and guidance from industry experts, ActoKine will collaborate with international drug companies and institutions towards the goal of solving this cancer therapy problem.

ActoKine Therapeutics was founded by Dr.Grace Wong to leverage the founder's experience in cytokine research in several therapeutic areas gained over many years in four biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies (Genentech, Millennium Pharmaceutical, AstraZeneca and Serono). Using a unique business strategy, ActoKine will initially focus its efforts on Actokine-1 (AK-1) for radioprotecton and ActoKine-2 (AK-2) for virus prevention, two late stage pre-clinical product candidates. In addition, ActoKine Therapeutics will discover other small molecule candidates for similar biological properties (protection of normal cells while selective killing of tumor or virus-infected cells.

ActoKine Therapeutics is positioned as a niche research and discovery biotechnology company, with a unique business model of working with pharmaceutical companies to discover novel functions of existing drugs (failed, patented, or generic) (drug rescue & drug indication switch). ActoKine Therapeutics will perform new discovery research on such drugs for the pharmaceutical company in exchange for an initial milestone payment upon pre-clinical verification of the new indications, additional milestone payments in later drug development stages, and royalty payments.

ActoKine Therapeutics will also discover new biologics for radioprotection and novel functions for existing drugs in various diseases (CNS, obesity and women's health) to open up new niche markets. ActoKine Therapeutics expects a faster path to commercialization using advanced and existing drug development, known status of drug toxicity, leveraging existing knowledge and product availability. ActoKine Therapeutics is looking at a much shorter time to product launch than a typical biotech startup.

Actokine Therapeutics will submit new indication discovery results on drugs for potential milestone payments from pharmaceutical companies. With a goal of creating a new drug indication discovery company, ActoKine Therapeutics is targeting eventual acquisition by a pharmaceutical company.

The ActoKine team is strong and experienced, and all have more than 15 yr industry experience. Our Scientific Advisory Board is composed of experts with a variety of expertise related to drug discovery; our Board of Directors includes successful biotech or pharmaceutical executives. Seed funding has been provided by angel investors who understand and support the science and business model of ActoKine Therapeutics.